This is the first time I tried to make tutorial to be posted in youtube :). Actually I already made this video several month ago, when I had kids class in my prayer community Solus Christo. And I thought maybe better if I posted too in youtube so we can learn together to make these cute angels from clay ^_^. For this time, I used Mofa polymerclay. We know already that polymerclay should be baked perfectly to make the clay stronger and flexible. With Mofa we baked at 150C for 15mnt. Different brand have different standard or baking.
Or if you used airdry clay, no need to bake the clay. Just put in open air and the clay will harden by itself (later I will make some tutorials with another type of clay).

This is the link for the tutorial:

And because it was my first time, I just used standard theme and song that provided by the program :p. Please understand if you find the same theme or song in another tutorial wkwk :p. I’m still learning how to make better video with custom theme or song.
At least I hope this video could be useful for friends or children who are want to learn to make a simple form of clay. If you have any input of feedback, please let me know. I hope next I can make better tutorial. Thank you so much for watching ^_^

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